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Remember, this is YOUR tribute, something personal and deep. We know your loss is tough to deal with, remember the good times with a special tribute.

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There is only one Star at the top of the tree. For a larger donation, you can be allocated the star. You will know, when looking at the tree that you are on top!

This is our most special ask of the year. Not only is this a time to raise funds for the quiet part of the year, it is also a very special tribute to those lost too soon.

Where your donations go

The Tree of Light is late in the year, and at a time where business closes and people go on holiday. As we can't reach our donors during this time, we like to have good support for the Tree of Light to carry us through this period, as well as beyond. Here is an idea of the funding usage for the donations received during this important fundraiser:
Every Globe makes it possible!

Providing care is a personal service, and as you know nursing care can not be provided without nurses! This accounts for the bulk of the spend for our Unit nurses who work 24/7/365. Yes even on Christmas and New Years! They can't do their work effectively without the tools. Much of our work is in managing pain, and providing comfort. Medical supplies, and medicine such as Morphine is an ever burdening cost. The Kitchen and Housekeeping teams also work during the holidays. Providing meals, cleaning up and washing sheets and pajamas etc. We need not only their salaries paid, but also the food for patients and cleaning supplies. Other expenses include the water and lights bills, telephone and waste disposal. EVERY GLOBE COUNTS!

  • Our special team, providing famous levels of care for our Patients and their families in these special days

  • Including Morphine, pain management & other medication, diapers & equipment

  • Our fleet moves our most valuable assets, with their skills and knowledge to where the patients that need us are

  • With too much to mention, the balance goes into ensuring our patients are comfortable and cared for in the festive season

You can order your globe quickly online here. You can also download an order form and send it to us with an EFT payment confirmation...

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