Hearts for Hospice 2016 Kicks off…

Yes all you lovers out there, the time is coming for the romantics to do their thing!!!  We have started the behind the scenes work on the Hearts for Hospice project and are looking forward to a great response from the community.  Heather and I have been visiting the High Schools in our service area to discuss the concept.  We have had a great response and are looking forward to rolling the project out.

The schools have been very responsive to the project, and we all look forward to sharing the love.  You can obviously play your part right here on our project site by buying a balloon for a High School Pupil.  We have limited the deliveries to High Schools to aid in logistics, we also believe this is where the love is anyway.

You may wish to volunteer to assist us with this special project?  We will need all hands on deck on Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th of February firstly to pump the balloons up, attach the special notes and organize them in batches for delivery.  We will also need you and your vehicle to drop the cargo at all the schools.  Be your own little cupid this year by volunteering here