December 1, 2020

Book of Remembrance

Dedication by: Tribute for: Message:
Sarah Marais Al “Dod” Thiselton
Mervin Marais
Deryck Howard
Rosemary Howard
Lionel Armitage
Wendy Armitage
Neville Howard
Benita Howard
Donald Butler
Rosemary Butler
Clinton Rottcher
Colleen Hall
Vincent Tarr
Jimmy Dempsey
Beverly Johnston x 2
Mike Thiselton
Aroun Woodrajh  Benimadho Aroun
 Phyllis Aroun
Anita Aroun
Nirmala Otto
Arar Investments (R600)
Nils von Klemperer Emilie von Klemperer
Meta Troughton
Mr J R Chetty Mr & Mrs A R Chetty
Mr & Mrs V R Chetty
Mr & Mrs Bull Frances Soojan
Mr Toff Chetty
Mr James Perkins  Clifford Perkins
Dorothee Perkins
Alec Milne
 Desiree Milne
Georgina Perkins
Muriel Stewart
John Stewart
Neil Berry
Jill Hawkey
Wouter van der Merwe
Keith Young Noelene Young Taken too soon and sorely missed
Mr Mike F Caine Mike Betty & Bridget Quin
Jack & Sheila Caine
All our beloved “Caine” pets
Nichola Storrie (R180)
Dirk Kruger Silvia Kruger To my beloved wife, Silvia Kruger, always in my heart
Margaret Jones Peta & Mario
Ralph & Penny Chin Benny, Sarah Chin
Andre Wolmart
Marilyn Falke
Edwin & Lynn Chin
Leon Lipchick
Rose Freman
Errol Paole
Colin Cowan
John & Eileen Rice
Di Watson Charles & Dolly Watson My loving parents, Charles & Dolly Watson
Bev Dyer Trevor Dyer Remembered with love
Agnes Dyer
Denis Traynor
Marjorie Traynor
Valerie O’Hogan Patricia & Michael O”Hogan In loving memory of my late family, all my late pets & all my best friends, Patricia & Michael
Elizabeth Klarer O”Hogan, also Elizabeth Klarer late of Rosetta Hill Natal, my adopted Mother
Ann Goddard Myra & Rob Robertshaw in loving memory of Myra & Rob Robertshaw
Margie Marnewick
John & Jan Stevenson Thelma & Doug Waller
Joan & Norman Stevenson
Phyllis Crowe
Sharan Mills
Andrew Connold Audley Peverett In loving memory of Audley Peverett, Patricia Connold & John Conold from Andrew, Desrae, Dru
Patricia Connold and Aiden Connold.
John Connold
Susan Jones Kenneth Jones
Sharon Thomson David Thomson In loving memory of a special & loving Husband & Dad
Arthur Alexander In loving memory of a loving Husband, Father and Gramp
Shelagh Thomson In loving memory of our dear Muff
Thelma Muller Stephen Muller We will love & miss you forever
Rufus Philip Loynes Dad, I will never stop missing & loving you
Cathryn Marais Miss you & all our regular phone chats
Jenny Rix Sydney & Marion Rix
Ran & Joan Smith
Mrs E A Willson Colin Willson The love of my life, you will never be forgotten
Jean Solomon My dear sister, loved by all the family, you will never be forgotten
Pam Lusted Dad Dad, you will always remain close to our hearts
Robyn Goldschmidt Mum, Ann Dolman
Dad, Des Dolman
Arthur Hargreaves Carter Rob Scott They were loved and will be sadly missed by all the family members and friends
 Lucy Carter
 Betty Edwards
Dave Smythe
Shannon Lewis
Nigel Scott
Sylvester Carter
Jenny Carter
 Joan Meyer
 Michael “Mike” King Anderson
Brenda & David Oldacre Alan & Madge Oldacre
Charles Stubbs
Reg Hunn Simon Hunn Aged 19 in 1983 – One of the first, if not the first teenagers, you have given extensive help
Lilian Hunn My Mother who died in UK in 1986 aged 86
Celia Rye Who passed away in UK in 1987, the Mother of my wife
Lesley Mason Colin Hope My beloved Father
Peter Hope My much missed Brother
Heather Gretton A good friend gone too soon
Ken Hofmeyer You’ve left a huge gap
Yolanda Shiers
Michelle Yeo Mr H G Behari
Graham Laity
Mike Leigh
John Taylor
Stephen Norval
Nikesh Basdeo
Preama Vijaya Govender
Nathan Pillay
Eddy Mdunge
Dave Randall
Albertina Shabalala
Hannah Fortman
Ivy Priscilla Butler
Balan Reddy
Garth Edwards
Ernie Lawless
The Deligny Angels
Maude Barkhuizen
Leean Murugan
Samantha Parkin
Karin Cairns
Colin & Sally Sinclair In memory of deceased friends and family
Sue Latouf
Uta Higgs
Lynda Schutte
Steve English
Juno Botha
Lesley Fraser
Debra Gates
Tony Oosthuizen
Marco Araujo
Anick Cloete
Nicola Horton
Micheline Yunnie
Shan Carter
Guy Mamet
Susan Madden Mum For my Mum who passed away in 2018
Robin Goatley
Bronwen Delamere In loving memory of our special Dads
Adele Levene
Vani Pillay In loving memory of our late family and friends
Hugh Bland
Barbara Florence
Sandeep Singh
James Reeves
Paul Economou In Memory of Eleni Angelinos
Andries Kruger
Katherine Bhogal For our Geevesh Bhogal
Karin Jill
Gail Sommerville
Gina Grubbe
Stephen Campbell
Bruce Whillier
Jimmy Mellville
Maryke Nash
Veronica Peacock Douglas Peacock In Memory of Douglas Peacock
Tracey Stewart
Di York Globes in memory of Dad and Eileen York, Mum and Dad Dyer
Kathryn Buchanan
Wendy Serfontein
Evan Mexson
Sharon Angus
Jean Siepman
Bev Evans
Carol Carter
Paula Nel
Teresa Collett
Scott Allnet
Audrey Augustyn
Tracy Southwood
Karen Veress
Samantha Schwarer
Gwyn Schloms
Robyn Goldschmidt
Kenneth Burt
Candice Fountain cannot read complete message Globe No 1 – Our loving,Brave & Beautiful Mom Laura Graham 1950-2019
Globe No 2 – For our Gan Gan who we love and miss everyday!
Globe No 3 – For our Granny Lau who we love and miss everyday!
Sheila Plowman
Veronica Cadman Pink Petals Health & Beauty Clinic fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness
Dasen Thathiah
Romilla Pillay In memory of: saraspathy Moodley, Vigie Moodley, Mergan Moodley and Thilothamay Moodley
Romilla Pillay In memory of Preggie Moodley
Elaine Govender
Kavish Maharaj
Edward Carbutt
Alan Keith Ross Anne Ross
Glenda Max Goodman My Father
Charise Hillary Hollander My Daughter
Marie Rose Bernstein My Sister-in-law
Keith Lawrence Gary Lawrence
Joy Lawrence Ball
Nelson Ball
Rosemary Lawrence
Stella Liebenberg
Charmaine Delamere Snowy Delamere To my much loved Dad, Snowy Delamere. Loved & remembered through many wonderful
Charmaine Delamere Cecilia Bosman To my much loved Ouma Cecilia Bosman.  Still loved & remembered.
Paul & Gail Scannell Allan Scannell Snr
Marie Scannell
Melody Moor
Judith Pienaar
Terry Scott
Grant Rohrs
Mr A Connold
Mrs VLM Cooper/O Hagan
G R Spares
Mrs A Goddard
Mrs I Howie & Family
Anisha Govender
Mr DJE Jenvey
Mr & Mrs WE Magnanini
Mrs Y Mansingh
Mrs M Marnewick
Pink Petals Health & Beauty
Kerry Richmond
Jennifer Evelind Rix
Graeme Russell
June Stovold
Celeste Vermeulen
Nils von Klemperer
Liz Wilson
Marge Knight Hunter Logan To God be the glory for creating you.  Rest in peace my precious Son
Barry Moores John & Norma Moores You will be remembered & in our hearts always
George & Mary Kershaw
Lynn Moores
Julian Phillips
Kotie du Toit Danie du Toit To our beloved Danie du Toit
Sherrel Harikishun My Son You left us so quick & so soon but we know you have been our guiding Angel ever since. We love you, Mom.
Sandra Govender Gabriel Govender
Louise Bernon Eugene Bernon In loving memory of
Queenie Bernon
Sheldon Coleman
Elaine Fileczki
Ann Goddard Myra & Rob Robertshaw In Loving memory of
Emma & Harry Goddard In Loving memory of
Wolfgang Wies Heinz Wies
Marrione Wies
Alan Wilson Beryl Wilson
Mike & Joyce Human Dave Luke Human Our 2 late Sons
Nathan Quintin Human
Denise Guy Engela Green
Morwen Buys
Sharon Gouws Val Gouws
Fanie Gouws
Max van der Merwe
Popeye van der Merwe
Maureen Pringle
Ethell Murral
Brain Beckwith
Priscilla Soogreem Roy Soogreem In memory of my Husband, Roy
Zillah Lowenthall Stan & Gillian Ewbank My Parents
Philippa Smith My Neice
Robyn Thekiso Flo Bollay In loving memory of Flo
Heather Worthington Gregor Ferguson (My Father) Gone but not forgotten
Andrew Ferguson ( My Cousin) Gone but not forgotten
John N (My Friend) Gone but not forgotten
Martha Boshoff Graeme Sean Sarel Boshoff We love & miss you every single day,our lives are forever changed, the only thing that keeps us
going is the hope that we will met again one day.  Heaven is lucky to have you, keep sending
little messages to let us know that you are OK.  Forever love Dad, Mom, Chris, Kerry, Aaron,
Sarah, Langley, Gaige & Julian.
Martha Boshoff Evelyn Mary Butcher Mom you were such a bright light in our lives, let this little light of ours find its way to you &
bring with it all our love.  Much love Sarel, Martha & our family.
Martha Boshoff Johnny Ray Superstar You are sorely missed by all your family, you were a superstar, now you shine brightly amongst
the brightest of them all. Love forever Jane, Ros, Tristan, Trevor & Christian, Sarel and Mutts.
Bob & Joy Wellbeloved Bryce & Averil Wellbeloved
Peter & Thelma Mincher
Helen Buckle
Morgan Gopal Maci Gopal
Sheila Gopal
Jeanette Davidson Grandad Hazeldean To all the very special people that loved me & left such wonderful memories for me to treasure.
I miss you still Grandad Hazeldean.
Claude Bonorchis Joseph Bonorchis
Jeanne Higgins
Cliff & Sean Delamere Snowy Delamere In loving memory of our Dad, Snowy Delamere & Ouma Celilia Bosman.  Often in our minds and
Ouma Celila Bosman forever in our hearts.
Petra Delamere Snowy Delamere In loving memory of my Husband Snowy Delamere and my Mother Celilia Bosman.  Gone but
Celila Bosman not forgotten.
Sharon Ramlall Jackie & my Kittens in loving memory of our precious fur Babies – Jackie and my Kittens.
Rajan and Vinny Naidoo To my dear Loved ones, eternal peace.  Thank you.
Patricia Smith Darren Smith My beloved Son
Mr and Mrs Eberle My Mom and Dad
Lions Club Durban C Pilgrim
(Rob Goodall) M Harris
K Gow
Greg Coetzer
H Bradfield
J Manson-Cullen
S Campbell
Gert Coetzer
K Aitken
Lions Club Durban L Nazar
N Wade
A Easteys
S Sandberg
H Kopke
Merle Schofield Margaret Mary Scofield 16.8.1909 to 16.01.1955
Colleen Langley Laurence Eli Schofield 07.09.1909 to 13.06.1988
Harold William Cox 29.11.1943 to 26.07.2016
Ruth Barbara Ann Woitek 04.03.1932 to 02.08.2016
Otto Woitek 03.06.191 to 30.07.2011
Peter Petersen Yvonne Petersen
Gareth Clark
Merilyn Faye Hanegraaf William Stevens In loving memory of my beloved Father.
Jessie Agnes Stevens In loving memory of my beloved Mother.
Marinus Hanegraaf In loving memory of my beloved Husband.
Roshnee Perumal Mr Ramadu Naidoo In loving memory of my late parents.
Yellma Naidoo
Michele Jackson Our  dearest Mom Your love & light will always be with us.
Our  dearest Dad You were our safe harbour in the storm
In memory of all those who have
passed away during 2020 whilst seperated frpm their loved ones. from their loved ones.
Mrs Gillian L Dix To my darling Dad Eric Victor Kietzmann You left us 25 years ago, gone but not forgotten.  You live on in our hearts, lots of love always
Ted and Cally Maddams Jill Hawkey
Roan Dales
Errol Brocklehurst
Beryl van Dyker Gerald We miss you and we love you. Beryl, Carol, Jill & Alan
Ron Page Page Family
Heather Ann Ferguson Natalie Catherine Ferguson Dearly beloved Mother of Colin, Allan, Heather & the late Hazel.  Taken to rest 10/01/2020.
Forever remembered.
Maureen Mcgovern To my parents for their love & support.
To my friends, Evan & Cas, taken too soon from us.  We miss you.
Jone Ogram Pat Ogram
Wendy Williams Barry Williams My late husband.
Maureen Bisset Elaine Arthur In memory of my Mother, from Maureen & family.
A H Carpenter Ernest & Ann Mattushek In loving memory always.
Roy Carrick Cynthia Carrick
Robyn Wright Audrey Doyle; Malcolm Doyle; Allison Doyle; Ken Wright; Irene Wright; Rodney Wright; Jenny Wright; Lynda Wright; Shorty Lelong; Bertha Lelong
Margaret Harvey
Diane Mina In Loving Memory of Louis Naude , Patricia Naude ,Wally & Nana Wood
Indranie Neermal 8 globes in memory of the following loved ones: Neermal, Sewparsad, Sukrani, Rampersad, Sonia, Beta, Naushad, and Sharmlin
Lesley Steyn Dear Mom (Gran), the pain of losing you has gone but the memories live on …. 2nd Christmas without you. Miss you every day. Love from Lesley and Candice
Leigh-Ann Hollington Remembering Keith Howard with love.
Sally Sinclair In memory of deceased friends and family of Colin and Sally Sinclair
Linda Howie Ralph Tredway
Edna Tredway
Elizabeth Howie
Hugie Tredway
Susannah Knowles
Bruce Edward Erica Edward Thinking of you my wondrful Erica Edward
Susannah Knowles Grieta, Eric, Chris & Gert
Vicky Delomoney S.Delomoney
Gerald and Penny Isemonger Gordon & Gladys Isemonger In memory of
Kelsey and Chloe Elgie In memory of
Margaret  Miles Kenneth Miles
Mike & Anne de Goede Jim & Anne Moncur In memory of
Henry & Honor ded Goede In memoy of
Sandhya Mahabeer Mrs J Bugwandeen My Mum.
Sheila Mahabeer My Sister-in-law.
Shirley Chetty My Friends
Lata Ramkissoon My Friends
Mr & Mrs G & A Shaw Olive Tinkler In loving memory of
Sidney Tinkler In loving memory of
Edith Shaw In loving memory of
William Shaw In loving memory of
Jenny Sutton Anticevich and Sutton family In loving memory of
Carol (Jamieson) My Mother Dorothy Greenwood You are both in my heart with love forever.
My late husband Bill Jamieson You are both in my heart with love forever.
Jeanine Milne Shimaney Taylor My precious Sister, Loved and missed
Brenda Potgieter Shine bright like a diamond!
Simon Dean Remembered with much fondness
Linda Gordon Charles Gordon My late Dad
Barbie Hamilton Rob Hamilton My late husband, who passed away at the hospice 29 October 1991 from brain cancer
Gerry Velthuis My life partner who passed away in April of this year having suffered prostate cancer and many other ailments.
You are both sorely missed.
Beverley van Belkum My Mom My love, my life.
Grahame Bedford Cyril Bedford
Eva Bedford
Bob Hepburn
Molly Hepburn
Gabrielle Storm Mike Storm Remembereing my husband Mike Storm
Des Fagan David Fagan Our Husband, Father Brother and friend missed always and always loved, your loving wife, Des
Mrs T Orman Daphne Resulovic Miss you all very much.  Love you all
Rennie Raftnki
Bert Orman
Ann Orman
Gredige Wegner
Clare Whatmore
Avril Nunn Dorothy Biggar
Thomas Biggar
Quinton Biggar
Theo Bhola Devnand Bhola
Ramdhai Bisnath
John Wimbush Thika To Thika, a beloved wife and Mother.  Always remembered with love.  John Stephen & Christopher.
Sandra Langford Terry Langford
Sheila Gokul Suminthr Gokul To my Mother and my Father from your loving daughter.
Bundhoo Gokul
Lucy Pakshong E Pakshong
L M Pakshong
Cecil Pakshong
Tony de Villiers Gayle de Villiers Miss you so much, love Tony.
Keeva Arnold Peter Arnold All our love, we miss you, Bonnie & Keeva
Dan Ramjattan Mr R Moti & Mrs J Moti To my parents.
Mr R Bramdeo & Mrs K Bramdeo To my in laws.
Truusje Laden Ken Levy 18/12/2004
Jos Meuskens Avril In memory of my beloved wife of 60 years.  I will always love you.
Jos Meuskens Avril Thank you my darling, for 60 years of dedication and love.  I will see you in Heaven, all my love, Jos
Jos Meuskens Avril Pain free at last my darling, I will love you forever.
Mandy Redman Brad Redman Son/brother/friend.  Always in our hearts.  Loved and missed forever.  Mom, Dad, Ryan & Jade
Trevor & Ingrid Finn Elsa Tarnow “Our late parents”
Erich Vogel
Dorothy Finn
Francis Finn
Lee & Ingrid D’Eathe Isabel D’Eathe
Stephen D’eathe
Joy D’Eathe
Wendy D’Eathe
Biddy van Deventer
Bill van Deventer
Rob van Deventer
Bridget Richmond
Carol Mayall
Rose Glenn
Nicky & Doug Lee Michele Lee
Betty Gouly De Chaville
Bill Gouly De Chaville
Bernard Lee
Hilda Lee
Rodney Lee
Dixon Chinnasamy Dedication to our beloved sister Queenie and beloved brother Eddie
Leigh Barrett Dedication to Roger Hugh Barrett, Daniel Johannes Du Preez, Ellen Louisa Tweedale
Aimee Booysens
Emma Russell
Nicole Ellis
Barbara Dixon
Dheshnie Keswell
Barry Haselau
Glenda Heylen
Kathryn Humpreys
Engela Bloch
Lindsay Solomon  (Menzies) Inge (Mom) In loving memory
Duncan, Bevin, Melody & Alan In loving memory
Ian Smith Sandra my late wife
Yvette David Shaikh Evelyn Yvette Shaikh
Belinda Botha Susan Botha – Suzie God’s Angel The day God took you home was the day we lost a piece of who we were, we lost the person whose
30/07/1954 – 22/02/2017 story provided the beginning of our own.  The void you left in our lives and hearts are
indescrible.  Every day we miss you, yearn for you and remember your beautiful love.  What we
wouldn’t give to share  one more moment with you, to talk to you and feel the comfort of your
warm smile and loving embrace.  We love and miss you Mom – so deeply.
Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts, your loving children and husband.
Vanessa Naidoo Shantha Vurden
RK Chetty
Shami Naicker Shanthie Sukdheo My precious sister and sister in law, your strength, love and laughter will always be missed, you
Bhanu Sukdheo are now in a pain free world with our loved ones.  Love you always, Shami.
Avril Fernandez Lloyd Fernandez
Francine Ackerman
Ethel Burns Peter Burns
Ethel & Harry Thwaites
Edie & Owen Burns
Janine Putter George Henry Putter In memory of our beloved George Henry Putter who passed away on 3rd August 2020.
You will never be forgotten.  Sorely missed by family & friends.
Mrs F E Trestrail Mr & Mrs R Wesley
Virginia & Selwyn Wesley
Mr & Mrs H J Trestrail
Mr I Trestrail
Mrs F E Trestrail Shirley Esterhuizen & Merle Mellet
Morag Bennett ” The Turnbulls”
Marius van Niekerk Stella van Niekerk Marius en Retha van Niekerk
“Ouma” Salome van Niekerk AL kinders en klein kinders
Anna Botha Vriende en oud kollegas van Durban Doeane
Gavin Chandler Ken Chandler
Edna Chandler
George van Heerden
Peggy Andrews
Ray Andrews
David Andrews
Jenny Vaughan Graeme Sean Boshoff Another year without you my boy, our hearts ache.  You are so missed.  I hope that beautiful
smile of yours is being shared with all the other Angels in Heaven.  Love you, Aunty Jen, XX
Evelyn Mary Butcher To my precious Mama in Heaven.  Another year without you.  I hope you are happy in Heaven,
please continue to be my star shining down on me.  I miss you.  Lots of love, Jennifer, XX
Pearl Lundie Shine on my little star, I miss you so much.  Please look after my Mama and I hope you girls are
happy in Heaven.  Lots of love, Jenny, XX
Yashica Dhanu
Yashica Pavitra
Rosemary de Jager Louis and Justin de Jager
Tommy and Nellie Mitchell
Granny Robertson
Karen Booyens Susan Wier From your friends at Mowat Park – Class of 1989
Susannah Knowles
Estelle Llewellyn Reg Llewellyn In loving memory of my beloved husband.  What we shared will never die.  You are constantly in
my thoughts.  All my love, Estelle
Phillip Coetzee May your light shine as bright in Heaven as it did on Earth.  Always in my heart, lots of love, Elaine
Kathryn Goble Neil Goble In memory of
Olga Cox
Edith Penter
Douglas Goble
Victor “Ärchie” Parkhouse
Sandra Conway Loved ones who have passed away in the Hall, Jenkins and Conway families.
Barbara Hickey David Sean Hickey
Christopher Brunton
Joyce Skinner
Ginny Cawdron Yvonne Moore In memory of Yvonne Moore.  With love Ginny, Mark, Steve and Maureen
Elspeth Gray
Leeann Louw Winter My 1 horse
Ruby My other horse
Grant Dent My late brother
Gordon Gaylor My best friend I lost 2 years ago
Debra Carmichael Val In honour of my Mom
Michael In honour of my uncle
Claudia Erradu This globe represents the memory of each of you.  In my Pillay and Erradu families and
Nelisiwe Octavia Malwane.  You are held close in my heart until I get to see you in Heaven, with
all my love, Claudia.
Theresa Clarivette Lorraine Fynn We miss you and we love you Mum.
Cheryl Bester Bester family
Dr Bobat
Mrs S Naidoo Mrs P Naidoo To my late Mother, may her soul rest in peace.
Kevin and Jill Francis In loving memory of my darling Mother who passed away in November 2018, rest in peace Mum.
Your loving Son. Kevin & Jill.
Leonard Manicom In loving memory of my late wife, Eunice Manicum who passed away at the Hospice in Nov 2018.
Rest in peace my darling, your husband, Leonard.  Miss you always.
Lisa Webb Gary Webb Our precious Dad & Grandpa, you are sorely missed every day.  We love you always& we carry
you in our hearts.  Love always, Lisa, Dylan, Nicola & Craig
Karen Przybylshki Bob Brough Rest in peace dear Dad,  David, Karen & Lindsey.
M Leecken For my late husband Brian and daughter Jane.
Karen Przybylshki Maurice Alan Przybylski and Caysie.
Peter Bruce Jones Uncle Jeremy To my old friend, “Uncle Jeremy”, miss you, not forgotten.
Peter Bruce Jones Darren To my son Darren, sadly missed, never forgotten.
Mrs P Brough Christopher Bruce Stevenson 9/6/2009 Forever in my thoughts.
Mrs P Brough Maurice Alan Przybylski 24/11/2019 Forever in my thoughts.
Ann Hawkins Kazik Ozelenis
Olga Ozelenis
Eunice Cassels
Cynthia Paul
Theo Paul
Kantham & Vinodha Mr J Chinnasami
Chinnasami Mrs N Chinnasami
Mr S Moodley
Mrs N Govender
Margaret Stanley Beard
Wendy Chappell
Rosemary Beard
Shirley Willett In loving memory of Russell, Valerie, Craig, Athol and Greg
Mike Kelly Eunice Kelly Always in my thoughts.
Mark Kelly Always in my thoughts.
Mr White S Ralph Colenbrawdes
J Ralph Colenbrawdes
Betty Colenbrawdes
Brian Ansell
Ray Ansell
Deb Ansell
Kyle Ansell
Margret Ansell
John White
Derrick Berry
M Jooste Janet Fox
Bill & Doris Kirkwod
Jooste family
M Jooste Wandsbeck Ladies Club In memory of late members.
Mrs Thule Doreen Cele Ziningi Maggie Shangase My Mother
Zamanje Leunah Shangase My Sister
Andile Innocent Shangase My Nephew
Merle Hughes Mr & Mrs D Mckenzie Always in my thoughts.
Mr Brian Hughes Always in my thoughts.
Glynis Jacobs Sharon Ball
Aunty Helen
Rose Clayton Michael Clayton Love and miss you, never forgotten.  Rest in peace.
Owen Clayton
Margaret Smaens
Cynthia Myburg Jeffrey Myburg
Mark Myburg
Linda Govender Yeggie Govender You are forever in our hearts and on our minds
Ismail Gany
Hawa Gani
The Ganasen Family DEENELLIA GANASEN It was too soon to say goodbye my dearest daughter.  We love you and we share this light to honour
you, shine upon us.  Until we meet again!
Mrs Vigie Pillay Linganayagee Pillay To my precious Mum, 28 years today Ma.  I love and miss you dearly.  I celebrate you my precious
Ma & give thanks to God for a great Mother of  a lifetime.  My treasured gift, God bless your soul.
Let us saturate this void with our overflowing love.
Lorna Grobler Ernest Fernis For my parents
Audry Fernis
Lyn Frier Kurt Coleman Woven into my heart forever
Yvette David Shaikh Sonali Sewbran Forever in our hearts, soar with the Angels…
Nazeera Pramraj Another year gone by, always in our hearts.  Love and miss you dearly.
David Bennie Gone but not forgotten…love you forever Dad.
Lyn Wannenburg Tyrel Frier Missed so much my boy!!  XXX
Elvin Pillay This donation is in memory of our late daughter Kristy who passed away tragically in March of
2015 in a horrific car accident.  We miss you every day.  Also to our Mums whose lives succumbed to
cancer.  Rest in peace.  We miss you all very much.
Jill Manning Brendon Manning My Son
Paddy Squires My Mom
Mr A J Mawson L Mawson
Nirmala Pillay Ms Susheila Pillay
Linda Webb Simon Henry Webb In memory of our darling Simon Henry Webb.  Deeply missed by the team.  XXXX
Sheila Moodley Kay To my dearest husband Kay.  Blessings to my dear husband, our prayers are with you.  Peace,
love, stay safe.
Sylvia Walker Brenda My Mother
Basil Walker
Vanessa Naidoo Shantha Vurden
Rk Chetty
Seleena Mahabeer D Pillay To our beloved Mother and Grandmother, we love and miss you very much, we know that you are
in a better place and are watching over us all.
Ravasha Vadivelu
Jerusha Mohan
Haydn du Plessis
Lyn Allen
Antonio Torino
Leigh-Ann Hollington Our amazing Dad and Grandad – Keith Howard, you fought so bravely. We think of you each and
every day.
Zay Naidoo In memory of our loved ones that have passed away
Sandra Johns
Fiona Rielly
Maya Naidoo & Family To all our guardian Angels, thank you for always watching over us.  Forever in our hearts.
David Higgs Basil Walker Late Husband
Brenda Higgs Late Daughter
Florence Percival Late Mother
Marge Walker Bill For my husband, Bill
Lana For my daughter, Lana
Kenneth For my nephew and godson, Kenneth
Yashica Misthry Dhanu
Alan Mawson Lorraine Mawson In remembrance of Lorraine Mawson
Eric and Beverley Lortan Adrienne Louise Makkie
Darren Mark Lortan
Mrs N E Knowles
Mr and Mrs Ramparsad Ram
Mrs I Mabbett Geroge Mabbett Miss you
Rosemary Hodnett Raymond Hodnett
Lindsey Smit
Shirley Delange
Shenaaz Shaikh Mrs Lutchmee Naidoo In memory of Mum
Mr F Shaikh In memory of our Dad – Hoosen and Shenaaz Shaikh
Mr Raj Cuppan In memory of my Brother
Joan Blignault Mr Francois Blignault Missed and never forgotten
Celeste Sharon Peyper
Sandra May
Neyt Family
Peter J Pettit Marco John Pettit Lovingly remembered always by your Dad, Mom and Marcelle.
Henry and Lyn Nicholl
Penny Vincent Grant Gone but never forgotten, all our love Mom, Dad, Mark and Connor
Gina Grubbe-Wimpey Mary Grubbe
Gina Grubbe-Wimpey Lorraine Gibson
S A Rostron To the Rostron and Boswell families
Fiona & Neil Snyder Jennifer Snyder In loving memory of
Anthony Barnes
Tony Taberer
Mrs S Fortune In memory of our family members that we have lost through cancer. We dedicate this in their honour.
Ken & Di Smith Vera White In memory of.
Paula Macrory
Craig Girvin In loving memory of all family members who have passed away, especially Dad and grandparents.
Glenda Heylen Chooks Heylen
Percy Heylen
Eileen Heylen
Ivan Dixon
Caron Hansen
Nelson Govender
Hansen Masalamoney
Mrs. N.M. Morton Alan Morton
Bev Swart
Shirley Coetzee Joan Esmonde-White
Linda for Sanne
Jayde Wallis Granny Shirley Wallis From Jayde Wallis and Jess Scott for our beloved Shirley Wallis, Claire Scott, Corrie Scribante, Piet Meiring and again my Granny Shirley
Jess Scott Claire Scott
Corinne Scribante
Peit Miering
Vikashini Ramcharan
Jenny Sim Alan and Daphne Sim – Mom and Dad forever in our hearts
Lesley Johnston
Shelley du Toit
Penny Vincent
Dianne Robertson
Maree Hendriks
Karen Bragg
Bryan Taylor
Deenellia Ganasen
Diana Pengelly
Herman Greffrath
Patricia Guy For my husband Cyril and my sister Wilma
R Latchman Darshan Gyandey
Radha Sukraj
Ashwin Singh
Vicki Leal Malcolm Leal
Ivan & Betty Knock
Ron & Lillian Leal
Ben Louw
Jeanette Cohen Henry Lourens
Kay Lourens
Eric Lourens
Joyce Tedder
Keith Emmett
Shirley Leverton
Henry Bennett
Barbara Mc Cormick
Gwen Cahill
Jack Cohen
Johan Minnaar
Sheila Strydom
Eunice Cooke
Isobel Gavin
Annette Gieseler
Diana Himsworth “To the family of Humanity”
Sheila Moodley My dearest husband, Kay To my dearest husband Kay, blessings to you, our prayers are with you. Peace, love and stay safe.
Cynthia Myburg Jeffrey Myburg
Mark Myburg
Gyynis Jacobs Sharon Ball
Aunty Helen
Mr and Mrs Krishin Gopaul Sathyathi Jugdeo
Ann Jugdeo
Gopaul Jugdeo
Sabitha Devi Jugdeo
Kavisha Gopaul
Munilall Sewnunan
Dropathy Sewnunan
Rabilall Munilall
Catherine Pillay Late Charles & Ruby Pliiay
Mrs V Chetty Mrs Neela Shanmugam
Miss Muthammal
Mrs B J Eggleston In loving memory of Jeannette Locke
Mrs Nirmala Pillay Sushelia Pillay
Mr & Mrs Ramparsad Ram, Krish and Rose
N E Mckenzie
Elise Patterson
Merle Hughes Mr & Mrs D Mckenzie Always in my thoughts.
Mr Brian Hughes
Liz White S Ralph Colenbrawder
J Ralph Colenbrawder
Betty Colenbrawder
Brian Ansell
Deb Ansell
Kyle Ansell
Margret Ansell
Ray Ansell
John White
Derrick Berry
Marge Walker For my husband Bill
For my daughter Lana
For my nephew and Godson, Kenneth
K Dobbin Bill Dobbin
Flora Dobbin
Grenuler Dobbin
Yvonne Dobbin
Peter Bailey
Bruce & Wendy Park Gerald Thatcher In loving memory of
Karl Erasmus
Hugh Campbell
Joyce Campbell
Clifford Thatcher
Robert Park
Marge Park
Bruce Park
Rosemary Havelaar
David Saby
Anisha Sewjee
Rumeshnee Perumal
Sameera Fortune In memory of special family members that were loss through cancer.They will live on forever in our hearts
Michelle Dunford In loving memory of Sydney Herbert Rust 1940-2020
In loving memory of Thomas Vincent Martin Dunford 1943-2002
Michelle Dunford In memory of our loving father Syd Rust
Ginny Cawdron In memory of Yvonne Moore
From Mark, Ginny, Steve and Maureen
Vashnie Chetty We miss and love you’ll Mr Chetty, Nessan, Baby Pepper, Mr Thaver, amoo, Aunsha.
Vanessa Naidoo Globe 1 Dedicated to Shantha Vurden
Globe 2 Dedicated to RK Chetty
Dawn Bowley In loving memory of Kenneth Bowley, gone but not forgotten.
Elvin Pillay My Globes are in memory of Daughter Kristy who died tragically on 31 March 2015 and both my Mum and Mum in law whose lives both succumbed to Cancer.
Jason Gresak In loving memory of our brother and uncle Michael Sacks. Thankyou Highway Hospice for your kindness and care.
Sharon Grieve 3 x tree of light.

Naren Mewlall, Douglas Currie, Allan Currie

We love and miss you every single day, our lives are forever changed , the only thing that keeps us going is the hope that we will meet again one day. Heaven is lucky to have you, keep sending little messages to let us know you are OK. Forever love Dad, Mom, Chris, Kerry, Aaron, Sarah, Langley, Gaige and Julian.

Mom you were such a bright light in our lives, let this little light of ours find its way to you and bring with it all our love. Much love Sarel, Martha and our family.

You are sorely missed by all your family, you were a superstar, now you shine brightly amongst the brightest of them all. Love forever Jane, Ros, Tristan, Trevor, Nicole and Christian, Sarel and Mutts.

Candice Fountain Globe No 1 – Our loving,Brave & Beautiful Mom Laura Graham 1950-2019
Globe No 2 – For our Gan Gan who we love and miss everyday!
Globe No 3 – For our Granny Lau who we love and miss everyday!
Vanessa Cadman Pink Petals Health & Beauty Clinic fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness
Romilla Pillay In memory of: saraspathy Moodley, Vigie Moodley, Mergan Moodley and Thilothamay Moodley
Romilla Pillay In memory of Preggie Moodley
Mr Callanan W T and E M Callanan
F W and H M Gafney
Myrtle Long and Mavis Leech
Andrea and Tino Giglio Mrs Leonora Giglio Miss you.
Mrs D Naidoo Mrs G Naidoo
Nora Mackenzie Violet Hurst Hurst Violet My darling Mother
Doug, Margie & Kenny Gammage Russell Wiles “A man of faith and compassion”
Mrs D Beekum Sunder Mr Shakil Sookai
Mrs Sadika Sookai
Mrs D Sunder
Calosa Sunder
Mr Prem
Mrs Candice Prem
Jane and Sunil
Diane Irene James